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Formerly matchit from 360Science. Includes Match Desktop, API, & more.

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Why Syniti Match?

Syniti Match Desktop (fka Cortex)

Get Started with Match API

Match API Knowledge Base

Match API Restful Web Service

Troubleshooting Match API

Match API for Apache Spark

US Address Validation and NCOA

Field Descriptions

Local API Installation and Basics

Advanced Local API Resources


Troubleshooting Global Addressing and Geocode APIs

Get Started with mDesktop

Installing and Implementing mDesktop

mDesktop Knowledge Base

mDesktop Data Enhancement Modules

Troubleshooting mDesktop

Alteryx Integration

Get Started with mSQL

Installing and Implementing mSQL

mSQL Knowledge Base

Advanced mSQL Developer

Troubleshooting mSQL

mAPI (Core Matching API)

Get Started with matchIT Web

Installing and Implementing matchIT Web

matchIT Web Knowledge Base

matchIT Web Data Enhancement Modules

Troubleshooting matchIT Web

Knowledge Base - Cortex (UK)

Getting Started - matchIT Hub (UK)

Knowledge Base - matchIT Hub (UK)

Troubleshooting - matchIT Hub (UK)

Getting Started - matchIT SQL (UK)

Knowledge Base - matchIT SQL (UK)

Troubleshooting - matchIT SQL (UK)

Knowledge Base - Addressing API (UK)

Local API

Field Descriptions


Knowledge Base - matchIT API (UK)

Getting Started - matchIT Desktop (UK)

Knowledge Base - matchIT Desktop (UK)

Troubleshooting - matchIT Desktop (UK)

Getting Started - matchIT Web (UK)

Knowledge Base - matchIT Web (UK)

Troubleshooting - matchIT Web (UK)