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For example, there may be one SST system for Prod with 12 blocks and another for Dev with 8 blocks. A DVUM block is 250GB. 8 blocks is the minimum for production systems. 4 blocks is the minimum for non-production systems.

Please make your best effort to list all members. CloudOps will send Login passwords to the listed Email addresses. These members will also be included in conversations involving the scheduling of routine or special maintenance windows for the SST servers.

CloudOps will propose a weekly maintenance window over the course of this ticket for your approval, based on cloudops maintenance availability. --newline-- --newline-- In addition, hosted customers inherit a default maintenance schedule based on where the customer is deployed. --newline-- --newline-- US hosted customers inherit the following times: --newline-- Daily Backup @ 12am Eastern --newline-- Daily Index Rebuild (Framework) @ 4am Eastern --newline-- Weekly Index Rebuild (Nonframework) @ 7am Eastern --newline-- --newline-- EMEA/Frankfurt hosted customers inherit the following times: --newline-- Daily Backup @ 12am CET --newline-- Daily Index Rebuild (Framework) @ 4am CET --newline-- Weekly Index Rebuild (Nonframework) @ 7am CET --newline-- --newline-- APJ/Sydney hosted customers inherit the following times: --newline-- Daily Backup @ 12am Sydney --newline-- Daily Index Rebuild (Framework) @ 4am Sydney --newline-- Weekly Index Rebuild (Nonframework) @ 7am Sydney --newline-- --newline-- For any proposed changes to the default maintenance windows above please create a --bold--unique--unbold-- ticket with the specific event/times you’d like to adjust and we can discuss accordingly.

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This SST User will be used to create SST Users for team members.

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* requires a contract, † requires a license --newline-- Please note that the Stewardship Tier hosted in the Syniti cloud already includes psaCentralWave, psaDBAdmin, psaPerformanceBench, & psaProjectQA.

Please reserve Urgent tickets for emergency situations where business-critical activities are halted and there is no workaround. The ticket priority can later be raised if a problem becomes worse.

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