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Excel Integration: Insert is disabled for this page



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  • Ben Bauer

    Hi Saravanan,

    A quick general note: If you have questions specific to a Syniti product that might be holding up work, then you'll get faster and more dedicated attention by opening a ticket. This is done by clicking 'Submit a Request' in the top-right of the website here.

    Security Roles in the SST/DSP product have something called Security Keys. For ADM, these Keys can control your user's access at a Process Area, Object, or even Source level. Here's an example of some Key configuration inside a Security Role.

    My guess is that these Security Keys are allowing your user to Insert into the Page for some check tables but not for others. I recommend you reach out to whoever is managing Security Roles and Security Keys on your SST/DSP system. They should be able to list what you have access to. If your user is permitted, you can also go to the Admin > Security > Users page, find your user, and click the 'Security Definitions' button on the right. This shows what Security Keys are associated with your user.


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