Change the Priority or choose Colours which are displayed in the Custom webpage




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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Vamshi,

    I think Guillaume is on the right track for finding a custom workaround, but I can't give more detail since we have never identified the exact file where the colors are set. Unfortunately, there is no control over the graph/chart colors in the frontend of the SST/DSP product. There is a related feature request in the Syniti Ideas Portal if you'd like to upvote it. It has not been implemented due to the dashboarding enhancements in the SKT (Knowledge Tier) product.

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    Guillaume Brochet

    Hi Vashmi,

    I've never wondered about this one !

    Maybe if you have acces to the webserver of ADM, you can edit the CSS or javascript of the graph framework ?

    Don't hesitate to share feedback regarding this one.


    Guillaume Brochet

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