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Audit fields in DSP




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    Eric Weldon

    Hi Mariappan,

    DSP has reserved columns names "AddedBy" and "ChangedBy".

    By Default, DSP will update the fields "AddedBy" with the user id of the person who added the records (if it was added via DSP and not SQL). It will also update the field "ChangedBy" every time someone changes the record (or if there is an OnValidate Event registered on the page).

    If you need the field names "InsertedBy" and "ModifiedBy", you could either use a view of the tables and alias the reserved columns as needed or you could create them on the table as computed columns that are copies of the reserved column names.

  • Michelle Boehm

    Hi Mariappan,

    Did Eric's response help resolve your issue? Let us know if you have any additional questions!

    Kind regards,

  • Mariappan Sornam

    Hi Eric,


    Thanks for the response. This is really helpful. I've a doubt in that response. 


    There are around 200 tables in our project. Is it possible to add these audit fields in bulk. Instead of adding each field in Design/Map for every table separately. Can you please let me know.

  • Muhammed Rafeeque

    Hi Mariappan,


    It is possible to add boa columns (AddedBy, AddedOn, AddedVia, ChangedBy, ChangedOn, ChangedVia, boaStatus) in bulk  if you have added the Data Base of the tables as a Data Source in DSP. This will add the above mentioned columns in all the tables present in that data base. Please follow the below steps

    1. Go to Admin 

    2. Click on Data Sources

    3. Click on vertical view of the Data source

    4. Click on Append Columns 







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