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How do I automate the movement of files using a custom application?




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    DSP User

    I have discovered that DSP has some plugins that support file operations. These plugins can be easily called from a Service Page or a Button. There is a standard page in DSP that can be reviewed to see an example in operation. The page can be found here: Common -> Toolkit -> File / Folder (Page: Toolkit File/Folder Operations) Plugins include: RAD.IO.COPYFILES RAD.IO.COPYFOLDER RAD.IO.DELETFILES RAD.IO.DELETFOLDER RAD.IO.MOVEFILES This was very useful for me, so thought it could be of use to others. Andy

  • DSP Expert

    MBohne: This can also be accomplished using a DOS Batch file and either running it via Powershell, scheduled task, etc. The NET USE command can be fed login information to map a drive to a remote system via the command line.


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