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Download Data in Batch from Huge Volume Source Table



  • Michelle Boehm

    Thanks for sharing, Munir!

  • Pedro Cardoso

    Munir, this post helped me "re-learn" this powerful configuration option within Collect and leverage it to solve a big issue.  At an automotive client who is transforming their business by moving to S/4HANA, we had been managing around an issue we have when pulling their Vehicle history which has millions of vehicles going back to 1982 (yes, we had cars back then folks!). Beyond execution cycle time, network bandwidth and system load were coming together to form the perfect storm and a timely solution was needed.  We were able to enable a flexible "delta" process and move forward with an approach where, once we had all our vehicles pulled from legacy, that we are now only pulling in vehicles for model years 2018 and later.  The target delete where clause specifies zMOD_YR>=2018 and our collect package only pulls in vehicles aligned with that same SARG condition. 

    While a solution such as DBMoto to enable real-time and data snapshot replication would enable more robust and a myriad of other value-add use cases which we are looking at, we were able to deliver immediate value and, in the spirit of agile, quickly solve a project problem by leveraging their existing investment in DSP.   Thanks Munir!


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