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Execute Replication after Enabling/Disabling/Enabling it in Syniti Replicate - Management Center


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    John Danos

    If a replication has a bad filter criteria, the status will get "stuck" in a pending status, which will not exactly intuitively indicate that there is an issue, and you may interpret as the replication is not getting started.  In this case, checking the log for errors can tell you if you have invalid filter criteria (or other failure).  

    In Replicate Monitoring in the cloud if you  filter on Execution Status 'Pending' and Last Execution 'Errors' that should identify the replications with the issues that need to be investigated.

    The pending status is what is assigned for Replications that are in the recovery mode where they will then continue to retry the replication process every 60 seconds (this can be changed but not disabled entirely) until it either succeeds or the Replication is disabled or correctly recreated.



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