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Data Scrambling after Loading to S4



  • John Danos

    This sounds like an HCM type of load.  I do not believe there is a way to change data in the system without affecting the change history or log data, as direct loads are not allowed.   

    Additionally, since the scrambling exercise will likely make testing and validation relatively difficult, you might maintain a separate set of tables for authorized validators to view data appropriately, acknowledging that this will increase the efforts and risk of validation errors as well.  For example running payroll against a scrambled SSN will require end validator to have the scramble>actual table lookup to check back in legacy.  Additionally, you will still have to follow the SAP product validation rules for SSN in the scrambling routine.

    In the past, when sharing HCM environments with other project teams in lower environments, we have occausionally used techniques to scramble PII data after the fact (scramble loaded data), but all validation and testing for HCM had to be completed first.  The alternative and recommended approach  is to create appropriate security models in the lower environments for authorized users to complete the testing and validation processes.  I would suggest that this latter approach is less risky and much less work as well.

    As to out of box scrambling, consult the product help for any of the encryption or masking abilities in your particular version, as these vary with releases, and you may be creating some simple scrambling rules as temporary rules to apply in lower environments if this actually becomes the methodology that is chosen to secure data.

  • Siddharth Madireddy

    Hi John,

    First of all thanks for your prompt & ellaborate response.

    I would like to clarify,

    1. This is not an HCM Data load or payroll related information.
    The SSN, Phone Number, EMail addr etc is Utilities specific Customer Master Data
    2. Validation is only to the extent of Master Data Attributes and it has no look-up or dependent program running
    3. PII is stored in SAP system in order to validate the customer during calls to help desk

    In a nutshell:

    • After the data is migrated, the client data validators, will validate if the customer master data is transferred correctly
    • Once they validate, there is no business or process relevance to the data in the fields we need to scramble

    Please let me know if you need additional information.

    Once again, thank you for taking time out to clarify.

  • John Danos

    for for this, you will have to do a second update load to alter the data in the fields you want to change.  You can create functions in SQL to perform scrambling, then create a 'scramble' target with simple mapping rules to default data to be obscufated using your own functions or delivered functions(these can be found in various SQL db's depending upon the version of the Syniti product). Then go through an update load to change the data.  Once you get to upper environement loads, you can deactivate the 'scramble' target.


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