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SYNITI ADMM where clause filter on Source insert rule



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    Mark Thompson

    Migrate/ADMM Filtering Source Insert to Working Source Table


    There is currently no native functionality in Migrate/ADMM for filtering the source insert from SRCXXX to WRKXXX.  The following procedure can be used to achieve filtered data in the source insert.



    Create Filtered View of Source table in SRCXXX

    In this Example we are filtering MARC in SRCECC to only contain WERKS 1000, 1100, 1200, and 3000.  The view is named MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS

    Filtered view of MARC created in SRCECC


    Add View to Datasource Tables

    Navigate Catalog->Datasources and select SRCECC and add MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS under Datasource Tables.

    Add MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS as a Datasource Table


    Edit MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS and select Import Metadata

    Import Metadata for MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS


    Column Metadata now available for MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS


    Manually define the keys for the view MARC_ACTIVE_WERKS in the panel Datasource Columns

    Keys Manually Defined in Datasource Columns


    Register View as Primary Source

    Navigate to Migrate->Mappings and add the view you created as the primary source.  Optionally, specify the original source table name in Legacy Table Rename so that the physical working table has the same name as it would without using the filtered view.


    Register filtered view as Primary Source



    Although Migrate/ADMM does not natively filter source inserts from SRCXXX to WRKXXX, filtering can be achieved by creating a filtered view in SRCXXX, importing metadata, defining keys, and registering the filtered view as the primary source.


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