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SQL and excel functions



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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Guillaume,

    As you may have guessed by the long silence, this is both a tricky question and one we haven't seen in Support before. I know that our SST/DSP product uses a 3rd-party plugin to generate Excel files. However, based on what we've seen, I would guess that our application code is instructing the plugin to use the "text" type on each Excel column. Or perhaps the plugin defaults to that type when none is specified.

    I believe the best place for this request (to have Transform reports with active formulas) is the Syniti Ideas Portal. Ideas registered there can be upvoted by others to communicate their importance. As long as you log in before submitting your Idea, you'll receive email notifications whenever Syniti Product Management reviews or categorizes it.

    Finally, I will note that the simplest solution here should be to update the SQL Server view that is registered as the Report in Transform. Instead of having a column with an Excel formula, it could have a column already computed from the other column values using SQL Server functions (standard or user-defined).


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