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Transform : My Reports




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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Guillaume,

    Did you execute the reports after ensuring the [Publish] button was ticked on both the report itself and the level where you are clicking 'execute' (object/target/source)?  The reports will not appear until after they are executed.

    Ref: SST Online Help

    Is your SST/DSP user associated with the published report on the Business User Assignment page?  The assignment should default from users assigned to the Object under which it is registered and users assigned to the Target under which it is registered (this assignment happens in Console and/or Target Design).

    Ref: SST Online Help

    I apologize for the delay in response here.  Please open a ticket (with SAP Support in your case) if further assistance is required on this topic.

  • Guillaume Brochet

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for pointing that out ! As the report were already existing and computed, i forgot that step ...
    Best regards



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