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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Ram,

    I see you have raised this issue with SAP Support as well.  I think that is a good channel to use for something very specific to a product component like this.  However, for the sake of this thread, I will "borrow" Jorge's general answer from the ticket and repost it here.

    If you go to ISA -> Configuration -> Parameters -> Basic Settings, you'll notice that there's a "Days to retain files" parameter there. The default value for that is 3 days.

    The only way to get the file back would be to process the same failed data from Information Steward again.  This can be done by going to the ISA -> Configuration -> Run Tracking page and deleting the Run record associated with the missing file.  One way to identify the proper Run record to delete is to look for the [RunID] linked to the missing [Attachment] file in the dspMonitor_AccPak.dbo.ttWorkflow SQL Server table.


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    Ram Sankar

    Thank you. This helped a lot

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