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Automation process to add zLegacy Fields in SKP ADMM Dataset Design




  • Chris Dooyema

    Hi Aditya,

    For the zLegacy fields, the current automation will only generate these for legacy key fields.  To include additional migration fields in mappings, you will need to add them manually in the dataset design after the dataset has been imported for mapping.  Go to the "Migration" tab and you will be able to add additional migration fields.  Make sure to choose "Active for mapping" = yes.  See the screenshot below for some manually added fields (ZNEW, ZAP, ZAPOPEN, ZNEWDAYS, ZAPDAYS).  After doing this, the fields should be available as mapping opportunities in the mapping section.

    For the question of automating this action, it will need to be a feature request to the product team.

    Here is the link: 

  • John Munkberg

    ZLEGACY fields were removed from the Target Tables per a methodology committee decision from a long time back.    While the product COULD do this (and used to at one point in the past), we defer to the Methodology committee in this matter as it would affect ALL future target tables.


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