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Syniti ADMM ETL Build only for new changes



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    John Munkberg

    Sandeep, I think I need some more information.   No manual rules should be lost or modified when you rebuild the ETL.

    You can rebuild ETL at different levels, so it's possible to rebuild the ETL for one Primary Source and not effect another Primary source.   You choose the build ETL button at the level of the job that is appropriate.   Note - the build cascades down, so building at the Target Level will rebuild all the sources below that target.

    But - that build is always based on the mapping.    So if you map something as a RULE, then it will create one default rule for you as a shell.   If you modify that rule it won't be changed when you rebuild.   If you add custom rules, or re-order the rules - they also should not be affected by a rebuild.

    If, for some reason, you need to override the Automation (say for the Source Insert rule), you should disable the automated rule and add a second, custom rule in it's place.   Note you should not delete any of the automated rules or the system will just try to add them back...

    Now, if you are seeing a different behavior, please let me know as there could be a bug, or perhaps you have a use-case we have not yet considered.     Please schedule some time with me if needed.


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