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Syniti ADMM-Replicate - Data load into S4HANA




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    John Danos

    SDR will directly replicate data into LTMC staging tables for load, and also fully supports BDC posting.

    BAPI and IDOC posting will be in a future release of SDR.

    We recommend all preparation of load-ready data within ADMM, and then choosing an appropriate load method based on volume, complexity, load methods available, and customizations that may be currently unknown.

    This can include LSMW, ISMW, IDOC, BDOC, LTMC, Custom Programs, and in some cases Direct Loads into custom tables. Most importantly the pre-validation/preparation and post-load validation/reconciliation of load-ready and business ready data is the primary focus so that whatever load method is chosen, we are lowering the chance of errors during the load process that are the frequent cause of delays.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Thanks for the reply John


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