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Construct custom webApp linkage




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    Saravanan Subramani

    Hi Deli,

    The Vertical bar you see here is a toolbar view in Console database. The redirect page ID are maintained in apiContextBarSel table of Console database. Since the expectation in your case is it should navigate to the custom construct webapp, then the table's Construct column should be altered to datagrid.aspx?PageID=<PageID of Custom Webapp Static page>&Layered=false. This would take care of the redirection.

    Since these are Application tables, altering it would need sufficient privileges (contact your administrator) and this would be overwritten if there are upgrades.




  • Ben Bauer

    Hi Deli,

    For some additional context, that bar along the top of the screen is tied to the WebApp and is called the "Web App Toolbar". For custom WebApps, you can go to the Admin > WebApps page and then check the [Web App Toolbar View] setting on the vertical (Product Help).

    For delivered WebApps, you can use a query like this to identify the name of the [Web App Toolbar View].

    SELECT [WebAppID], [WebAppName], [WebAppToolbarView] FROM [CranSoft].[dbo].[WebApp]

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