[How To] Advanced View Builder (AVB)



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    Nigel Vickers

    Great article Victor - very useful information!

    One important point is that Advanced View Builder will only re-build a view in DATABASE FOR VIEWS if the table exists in DATABASE FOR TABLES. So care is needed, as any views in the "Build View" scope that don't have a corresponding table in DATABASE FOR TABLES will remain unchanged and you could end up with some views pointing to one database and some pointing to another!

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    Victor Gazquez

    Hi Nigel, yes, you are totally right, I have edited to reflect your comment.

    Thanks very much!

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    Ben Bauer

    Added this note to the top of the post:

    WARNING: In DSP version 7.1, the Advanced View Builder in Collect stopped working.  This was fixed in the 7.1.3 release.

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