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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Syniti's Knowledge Platform, Stewardship Tier, and Data Replication products are all capable of extracting data via ODBC HANA connections. These are direct connections to the HANA database. I have not seen "CDS views" mentioned previously but I've done some quick reading this morning. Am I correct in saying that they are an application concept that ultimately generates objects on the HANA database? If so, then ODBC HANA connections could certainly extract data from those database objects.

  • Tony Gossart

    Thanks Ben for these inputs,
    I will check with the development team to explore this ODBC connection feature

  • John Danos

    My understanding is that you can also invoke these through RFC - this is a bit more complex through ADM/SKP, but wanted to make sure we mention it.


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