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Post Load Extraction for "routings"




  • Ben Bauer

    Hi Denis,

    Thank you for reaching out! I'm going to move this post to our "Questions" topic, so we can help answer it.

    What I'm finding from resources like this one is that SAP ERP's Production Planning has Routings data held in 3 primary tables:

    • PLKO - Routing Group Header
    • PLSO - Routing Group Sequence
    • PLPO - Routing Group Operations

    Am I correct in assuming that you are inquiring about Routings in SAP ERP's Production Planning? If yes, then you'll want to extract data from at least these tables. You can of course filter the extract down to just the data that you loaded. If some columns are missing, then perhaps there are some other tables that need to be extracted as well.

  • Ben Bauer

    Hi Denis,

    I should have waited a few more minutes because I just received some additional information from one of our SAP experts here at Syniti.

    A good piece of advice is that you can use F1 in any TCode to show the tables behind the data in most cases. That's a good way of finding this out for any object you are working with.

    There are Task Lists in SAP ERP that support several objects, including Routings.

    • MAPL - Assignment of Task Lists to Materials
    • PLKO - Task list: header
    • PLPO - Task list: operation/activity
    • PLMZ - Task list: allocation of bill of material items to operations
    • PLAS - Task list: selection of operations/activities
    • PLZU - Task list: group
    • PLAB - Task list: relationship
    • PLFH - Task list: production resources/tools

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