What is the purpose of Rule Type "Move"?




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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Immanuel,

    The idea behind a "Move" rule is that it is essentially an "Insert" rule that adds rows to any table other than the Target Table. 
    This rule type is optional (and mostly deprecated), because you can achieve the same functionality with an "Insert" rule or a "Manual" rule. I think some just find the "Move" rule type easier to quickly audit visually when there are multiple types of inserts being performed by a set of rules.

    However, it is important to note that the 'Build Rule' button in Transform can only be used on "Delete", "Insert", & "Update" rules. For "Move" rules, you have to build the view and stored proc yourself, just like "Manual" rules.

    • A "Move" rule view must end in "MovSel".
    • A "Move" rule stored proc must end in "Mov".
    • You should model them after the autogenerated view and stored proc for "Insert" rules, though technically they can perform any action (just like "Manual").



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    Immanuel Michael

    Thank you Ben.

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