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Can users work in the DSP while a CTS archive is being installed?


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  • DSP Expert

    PTowe: Andy, having used CTS on a live system I can tell you how it appears to behave. As no-one else has replied, maybe this is better than no answer? My comments are based on CTS in ADM 6.5. First, I believe there is no issue at all in running a CTS Build Archive or import Archive with users in the system while they have other objects open. E.g., if users are working on other objects/areas or even in Transform, you can run CTS on Transform objects that they are not using. However, I can see there may be issues if users are in the specific Transform rules/objects that you are updating from CTS.

    Personally, I have not met any issues with users being in an object when we update it. Since the screens are loaded quickly and the records are only read briefly, I suspect you would be unlucky to be updating a record via CTS that someone or some process is also updating. However, since a user saves the record change, it may overwrite the CTS record. But, this is no different from having several users try to edit one record in the GUI.

    The problem I see you may have with Transform is that if Transform is running and CTS changes the SQL and objects within that Transform package, it is possible that the currently running code will fail because suddenly the table structure or view has changed, or the queue will become invalid etc. Even then, I think you'd just see Transform fail or CTS fail if it finds the object locked. However, we did notice that CTS appears to be processor-intensive and that may be an issue because we have seen CTS fail if lots of processes are running at the same time.

    As a result, we generally tried not to run too many CTS packages and transforms at the same time.


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