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When selecting a column control of an image, how can I keep the Column Name as the name of the column?




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    VGazquez: Hi Jason, I'm not sure about your question, but if you want to have text as column name and images in the rows, yes, that is possible.

    1. Add a column a property of Image
    2. In the basic properties, do not select Image ID
    3. In Advance properties, click on Dynamic Image
    4. In the horizontal view, set the image name that you want to display, i.e., 'CranSoft.Action.Apply' (to browse the selection, click on the binoculars in Basic properties > Header Image ID). You can select just one, or do like Jeremiah, and select different images. @Jeremia, you do not see the image in the column header because you did not select Image ID; it is not related to aliases. Regards
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    JGrippa: Currently, that is not possible. You can choose a button control type to keep the field name as a header, but as soon as you assign an image to it, the head will change to an image as well.

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    SMansoori: One option is to have your view return DSP image name, e.g. DSPCommon.Action.Design and then add a column properties of image. This will show you the column heading in text and image in the rows.

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    jeremiahgilmore: I may have a work around, but there are 2 factors in play and I don't know which one causes the Image not to display in the header. It should be easy for you to test though.

    1. I have a RAG status column I use on data assessments on the horizontal view of the target reports in Transform. In my case, the control type is Image, but I do not select an image from the Image ID list box. Instead, the value of my of the "RAGStatus" column in my view is the image name, which is dynamically selected by a function-based value that is actually stored in my RAGStatus Field in the Target Report Table.
    2. I alias the RAGStatus Column in my view as "R" because I want to save space. dswAdmin.dbo.boaTrafficLight_Status(dbo.ttWaveProcessAreaObjectTargetReport.RAGStatus) AS R. As a result, my column header is the letter "R" and the values in that column of the record set are a dynamic image. It's either the absence of the Image ID from the list box in the Image control parameters or it’s the use of the alias. If you test and find out the exact solution, I am keen to know.

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