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Why is Excel Integration upload taking so long to upload records?




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    DSP Expert

    ASliney: Do you have auditing turned on? Even with only minimal record counts, auditing causes the Excel integration to time out. From the server you can look at the timeout messages in the server events. How many list boxes do you have and how big are they? Is it having to translate everything on the page on the upload?

  • DSP Expert

    EWeldon: Hey Brad, has the page changed recently? Have drop downs been added? Excel Integration is based off the Horizontal View, so if you have User Security in the Hor view, exponential amount of records can be added to the Excel upload, even though the base table record count hasn't changed. The number of fields on the Hor view can also effect the upload times.

  • DSP User

    Thanks Eric for the feedback. The Hor view does not have any extra security or multiple records. It is a straight view of the table. There are drop downs configured on the page, but this has not caused problems for the other pages. I tried emptying the table and loading to a blank table, resetting the IIS server, and Cransoft services with same results.

  • DSP Expert

    PWadekar: A. Try re-calculating stats for that table page. USE ; GO UPDATE STATISTICS dbo.

    ; GO B. Try rebuilding index on the table for that page.


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