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How do I activate zLegacy fields for Mapping?




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    DSP Expert

    VGazquez: If you go to Design, you will see that you have your zLegacyLAND1. Click on the Vertical View to see the visibility is set to none. You can change this setting accordingly as you need (Source,Target or both). In addition, general speaking, there is no reason you will need to map zLegacyLAND1. In the case you are using an Xref, DSP automatically creates a rule to populate that field (you can find it in Transform). Regards

  • DSP Expert

    VGazquez: Hi Bradley, what do you mean by expected "zLegacy*" ? What are you expecting and what are you missing? Regards

  • DSP User

    As an example, in my previous experience with Design and Map at another client, lets use the following example:

    Vendor Master LFA1 table, country field LAND1

    If a checktable was assigned to the field, there was a zLegacyLAND1 field available for mapping. Not sure if this was a manually added field or if DSP added this field automatically.


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