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Excel integration.



  • Joseph Flesche

    Is this for an update of existing records or for an append into the target / destination table? Either way, I do not know where this data is stored, but why not just do your duplicates analysis / reporting in the target / destination table? That way you cover the issues no matter how the data gets into the table.

  • Eric Weldon

    Hi Sairam,

    There is no temporary table that stores the data. Excel Integration will try to insert/update the records as they are and if they fail due to duplicates, the transaction gets rolled back. If you want to avoid duplicates, I would advise filtering the page for the records that you want to insert and/or update and only download those records. I would also recommend having a "natural" primary key on your page so if there is a discrepancy, the transaction gets rolled back and not committed which will prompt and investigation as to why it failed. If you need a surrogate key for construction purposes, you should setup a validation error to check for duplicates based on the natural key. 

    Surrogate Key vs Natural Key Differences and When to Use in SQL Server (


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