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Increasing Parameter/Search Option Limits - Any unforseen issues?



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    Ben Bauer

    Hi Ann,

    Yes, these settings will impact the performance of specific pages within the SST/DSP that make use of higher values. For example, if you have a page with several listboxes and each one has 20,000 entries, it could take a long time (even a minute, perhaps) to load the page when the [List Record Limit] is set to 20000. Of course, the listboxes will all display incomplete value lists if the [List Record Limit] is set to 3000.

    Generally, it is best to try to leave these limits at their default value and avoid any page designs in the SST/DSP that might hit the limits. A design that hits one of these limits is a possible red flag that the page will have poor performance. Does this make sense?

    In other words, increasing these values will not typically impact the performance of an entire system. It does allow for the poor design of pages that could cause users to identify the system as "slow".


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