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WHat value we need to pass into FileName tab in /BOA/TABLEDOWNLOAD program in ECC?




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    Navdeep Rauli

    Hi Ravi, have you tried putting in the actual filename (not just the directory) e.g. in your case something like... /tmp/KONV_20210504.txt 

    See attached example.


  • Hi Navdeep,

    Yea, i tried with rtf file an it worked for me, but i am facing issue with date filter when i passed KDATU > '20180101' AND KAPPL='M', it didn't resulted me any data though there is a data in table.


    is this right of of passing date value or is there any other way to pass the date value?

    Thanks & Regards


  • Navdeep Rauli

    Hi Ravi,

    Assuming there is data that matches this criteria ion KONV, try adding spaces around the = characters (and other operators). I believe this is necessary.

    E.g. Instead of: KDATU > '20180101' AND KAPPL='M'

    E.g. Try: KDATU > '20180101' AND KAPPL = 'M'

    can you try that? 


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